We provide designs for all major system scaffolds such as Layher, HAKI and Cuplok as well as traditional tube and fitting. We adhere to the latest scaffold standards and guidelines including TG20, BS 5975 and BS EN 1991.


We offer:

  • Site Visits, Scaffold Inspections, As-Built Surveys and Sign Offs

  • 2D Design Drawings and Calculations

  • Tube and fitting

  • Scaffolding System

  • Design Risk Assessment

  • Independent Design Checking (CAT 2 and CAT 3)

  • Independent advice

We design scaffolding structures such as:


  • Temporary roof scaffolds

  • Cantilever scaffolds

  • Suspended scaffold

  • Birdcage, Crash Deck & Support scaffolds

  • Hoist run-off scaffolds

  • Pavement gantry scaffold

  • Loading bay and lifting beam scaffolds

  • Buttressed free-standing scaffolds

  • Ramps & Staircase

  • Truss out scaffolds